Zellaton Studio Reference One

Best Sound by a clear margin was the studio Reference One speaker at Zellaton showroom.


No other systems at Hifideluxe Kempinski or MOC could compare with this Zellaton system.


I hear it with Vdh Emerald preamp Analog Domain 80 watt amp section of the not released integrated amplifier LOIT Passeri and Garrard 501 Transcription Reference turntable by LArt du Son + LYRA Atlas cartridge.

Studio Reference One sound was phenomenal – I easily got chills and was fully involved in the sound. Whatever song that was played the music was analog sounding and relaxed.

Even at a high volume level the sound was the same – no compression or brightness at all – fabulous.

Zellaton Studio Reference One and Reference

Two of the world’s best sounding speakers together at the same place.

The white Reference is back from Hifideluxe and joining the Studio Reference One at Zellaton’s showroom.

Analog Domain Isis integrated with Excalibur technology is behind the left Reference speaker and  prototype electronics from a secret brand in the middle.


Source  Wizard High-End Audio Blog